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Contingent Liability and Tax Insurance: A Powerful Duo in M&A Deals

By From the Experts, Risk Solutions
As a private equity leader, you're no stranger to some of the practical roadblocks that arise in mergers and acquisitions (M&A). These transactions are fraught with potential risks, not least of which are contingent liabilities and tax issues. These two elements, often intertwined, present unique challenges that require specialized risk management strategies. This is where contingent liability and tax insurance come into play. (more…)
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Navigating Labor Challenges in Manufacturing: A Holistic Approach

By Business Insurance, From the Experts, Risk Solutions
The manufacturing sector is facing a significant labor challenge due to an aging workforce, skills gap, and gender disparity. To tackle these issues and ensure long-term sustainability, a holistic approach is necessary. At Kapnick, we understand the importance of addressing labor challenges comprehensively, and we have solutions. (more…)
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Strengthening Safety and Mitigating Risks: Solutions Amid Michigan’s Overruling of Open and Obvious Defense in Slip and Fall Litigation

By Business Insurance, Legislative Updates, Risk Solutions
In a landmark decision, the Michigan Supreme Court has recently overruled decades of case law regarding the open and obvious defense in slip and fall litigation. This ruling has far-reaching implications for property owners, as it eliminates a commonly used defense strategy. It is crucial for business leaders to understand the implications of this decision and take proactive steps to address the issue. Kapnick can help. (more…)
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Implications of Michigan Supreme Court Overruling Open and Obvious

By Business Insurance, Risk Solutions
The recent ruling by the Michigan Supreme Court to eliminate the open and obvious defense in premises liability cases has significant implications for property owners. This ruling removes a common defense used to avoid liability, potentially leading to more cases being filed and higher litigation expenses for property owners. To prevent financial losses in premises liability cases, property owners need to take proactive steps and implement effective safety measures. Here's what you need to do: Conduct regular inspections and maintenance checks on all areas of your property, both inside and outside. Proactively identify potential hazards through regular assessments to address…
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Navigating the Complex World of D&O Policies with Kapnick: A Case Study

By Insurance, Personal Insurance, Risk Solutions, Specialty Risk
Protecting Your Assets with Kapnick's Unique Approach: A Case Study A private client, invited to join a for-profit company board, faced a dilemma. The company's D&O policy didn't offer enough protection, and the client didn't want to risk personal assets. The company couldn't afford to increase their D&O coverage, and the client's personal policy didn't provide enough cover. The stakes were high - private company D&O claims can cost around $700,000 on average. A solution was needed, and quickly. This is where Kapnick shined. The team at Kapnick Risk Services collaborated with private client experts to craft an independent D&O…
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