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Navigating the Complex World of D&O Policies with Kapnick: A Case Study

Protecting Your Assets with Kapnick’s Unique Approach: A Case Study

A private client, invited to join a for-profit company board, faced a dilemma. The company’s D&O policy didn’t offer enough protection, and the client didn’t want to risk personal assets. The company couldn’t afford to increase their D&O coverage, and the client’s personal policy didn’t provide enough cover.

The stakes were high – private company D&O claims can cost around $700,000 on average. A solution was needed, and quickly.

This is where Kapnick shined. The team at Kapnick Risk Services collaborated with private client experts to craft an independent D&O policy. This solution met budget constraints, provided robust protection against potential losses, and covered beyond the existing policy.

Navigating risk management can be challenging, but Kapnick has the expertise and resources to help. To learn more about protecting your hard-earned life, read our full article or reach out at or call 888.263.4656.