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By Business Insurance, From the Experts, Insurance Update
In the evolving economic landscape, commercial insurance rates continue to trend upward. As your trusted partner, our focus is on empowering you to understand the reasons behind these increases and offer strategies to help you take control of your destiny. Together, we can roll up our sleeves and put in the work necessary to improve your risk profile through strategic decisions and implementing effective measures that ultimately make you a more appealing risk to carriers. As always, our commitment is to work alongside you, leveraging our expertise and resources to help you beat the market trends. RATE TRENDS According to…
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Contingent Liability and Tax Insurance: A Powerful Duo in M&A Deals

By From the Experts, Risk Solutions
As a private equity leader, you're no stranger to some of the practical roadblocks that arise in mergers and acquisitions (M&A). These transactions are fraught with potential risks, not least of which are contingent liabilities and tax issues. These two elements, often intertwined, present unique challenges that require specialized risk management strategies. This is where contingent liability and tax insurance come into play. (more…)
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Navigating Professional Liability in the Construction Industry

By Business Insurance, From the Experts
In the evolving landscape of construction, contractors often find themselves providing professional advice, straddling the line between design and construction. This shift has led to an increased exposure to professional liability, necessitating a closer look at Contractor’s Professional Liability Insurance.   General liability insurance covers bodily injury or property damage resulting from negligence, but what about financial damages caused by negligent professional advice? That's where professional liability insurance comes in handy. (more…)
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Navigating Labor Challenges in Manufacturing: A Holistic Approach

By Business Insurance, From the Experts, Risk Solutions
The manufacturing sector is facing a significant labor challenge due to an aging workforce, skills gap, and gender disparity. To tackle these issues and ensure long-term sustainability, a holistic approach is necessary. At Kapnick, we understand the importance of addressing labor challenges comprehensively, and we have solutions. (more…)
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