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Expert Insight to Keep Your Cannabis Company Growing

By Employee Benefits, From the Experts
At Kapnick, we understand not all industries, businesses, or individuals have the same challenges or concerns. To that end, we have developed Kapnick’s areas of specialization, where our experts dig into the specifics details of your industry’s unique risks. One of those specialized fields of knowledge is the quickly evolving cannabis industry. As experts in employee (more…)
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What exactly is a surety bond for cannabis, anyhow?

By Business Insurance, From the Experts
A cannabis surety bond can range from $5,000 to $5,000,000 and provides a financial guarantee to a state or municipality that a company will perform according to the laws and regulations governing your license. A surety bond does this in two ways: 1. By requiring companies to be bonded, additional scrutiny of company and leadership’s finances and credit ensures (more…)
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