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Implications of Michigan Supreme Court Overruling Open and Obvious

By Business Insurance, Risk Solutions
The recent ruling by the Michigan Supreme Court to eliminate the open and obvious defense in premises liability cases has significant implications for property owners. This ruling removes a common defense used to avoid liability, potentially leading to more cases being filed and higher litigation expenses for property owners. To prevent financial losses in premises liability cases, property owners need to take proactive steps and implement effective safety measures. Here's what you need to do: Conduct regular inspections and maintenance checks on all areas of your property, both inside and outside. Proactively identify potential hazards through regular assessments to address…
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Unlock Insights with Our 2023 Construction Benchmark Report

By Business Insurance, Insurance, Insurance Update
As a business owner, you know that the decisions you make can have significant impacts on your success. That's why we have exciting news to share! Our latest industry-specific benchmark report focuses on the purchasing decisions of insurance buyers in construction, and we've just released our benchmark report for 2023. The construction industry generates $1.3 trillion of economic activity annually and employs almost 8 million people. As we navigate the uncertain economic climate, knowledge is power. In 2021, overall construction spending increased by 7 percent, while residential construction spending decreased this year. Infrastructure spending has seen an uptick-- thanks in…
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Be Ready: Safeguard Your Business From Unexpected Disruptions

By Business Insurance
Business interruption is a time when a company is unable to operate because of a negative event, like a fire or flood.  These unexpected disruptions are one of the most worrisome business hazards in today's environment of rising unpredictability. These interruptions can be very expensive and even fatal to your organization if you don't plan carefully. Read on to find out how you (more…)
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The Benefit of Construction Wrap-Up Programs

By Business Insurance, Insurance Update
Construction projects can involve many contractors and often operate on thin profit margins. Wrap-up programs are a great tool for risk managers to contribute to a project’s success. Not only do they reduce expenses, but they also provide improved safety standards, and better coverage – making them the essential consideration for savvy owners and contractors. (more…)
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