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Streamline Training & Tracking with Kapnick’s Risk Services Center

Successfully managing the hundreds of potential risks in your organization is essential for long-term growth. Streamlining tracking risks, training employees to prevent them, and finding solutions before they occur is key to avoid worker injuries – and the citations, fines, lawsuits, and workers’ compensation claims that follow. Kapnick’s risk services center can help.

Employee training is an invaluable part of risk management. Training helps employees recognize potential dangers, assess their severity, and take the necessary steps to mitigate risks. A comprehensive employee training program should include:

  • Instruction on identifying risks before they occur
  • Strategies for avoiding and controlling risks
  • Guidelines on how to respond in case of an emergency
  • Training on how to use safety equipment properly
  • Protocols for reporting any accidents or near misses.

By providing employees with the necessary tools and instruction they need to be aware of, assess, and respond to risks, organizations can create a culture of safety that helps them protect their workers and mitigate potential damages, which ultimately helps them meet their long-term growth goals.

Employee training doesn’t have to be complicated. At Kapnick, all our business insurance clients have access to our risk services center. This unique, web-based risk management tool provides materials to help reduce injuries and improve profitability.

It includes:

  • A comprehensive safety library and resource center
  • Certificate of insurance tracking
  • Unique incident tracking software
  • Safety data sheet tracking
  • And much more

Not a business insurance client, but want to see the risk services center for yourself? Reach out at or 88.263.4656!  We’re here to help you protect your business and increase safety for your employees.