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Insurance Update

Navigating 2024: Market Forecast and Emerging Trends with Kapnick Insurance

By Insurance Update, Market Forecast
In the ever-changing market landscape, new opportunities and challenges emerge each year, making it crucial for leaders to have the necessary tools to navigate uncharted territories. With this objective in mind, we crafted the 2024 Market Forecast to provide you with valuable insights. This forecast is not a mere report; instead, it serves as a powerful tool in the hands of visionary leaders, enabling you to mold your organization’s future. Click here to access the full report, or read on for a brief overview of the trends we're expecting in 2024. (more…)
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By Business Insurance, From the Experts, Insurance Update
In the evolving economic landscape, commercial insurance rates continue to trend upward. As your trusted partner, our focus is on empowering you to understand the reasons behind these increases and offer strategies to help you take control of your destiny. Together, we can roll up our sleeves and put in the work necessary to improve your risk profile through strategic decisions and implementing effective measures that ultimately make you a more appealing risk to carriers. As always, our commitment is to work alongside you, leveraging our expertise and resources to help you beat the market trends. RATE TRENDS According to…
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Unlocking Industry Insights: The 2023 Manufacturing Benchmark Report

By Business Insurance, Insurance, Insurance Update
Navigating the intricate landscape of the manufacturing industry, especially when it comes to risk management, requires a deep understanding and specialized coverage solutions. Here's where Kapnick Insurance shines. As part of our ongoing commitment to provide industry-specific insights, we're excited to share our 2023 Manufacturing Benchmark Report. (more…)
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Unlock Insights with Our 2023 Construction Benchmark Report

By Business Insurance, Insurance, Insurance Update
As a business owner, you know that the decisions you make can have significant impacts on your success. That's why we have exciting news to share! Our latest industry-specific benchmark report focuses on the purchasing decisions of insurance buyers in construction, and we've just released our benchmark report for 2023. The construction industry generates $1.3 trillion of economic activity annually and employs almost 8 million people. As we navigate the uncertain economic climate, knowledge is power. In 2021, overall construction spending increased by 7 percent, while residential construction spending decreased this year. Infrastructure spending has seen an uptick-- thanks in…
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7 Simple Strategies For A Safe and Secure Home Office

By Insurance Update, Personal Insurance
During Home Office Safety and Security Week which occurs in the second full week in January each year, individuals are urged to assess the safety of their home work environments. Take time to learn about home office safety and security strategies, then assess your workspace to pinpoint any security vulnerabilities that could jeopardize you or your data. Many of the best practices for home office safety and security are common (more…)
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The Benefit of Construction Wrap-Up Programs

By Business Insurance, Insurance Update
Construction projects can involve many contractors and often operate on thin profit margins. Wrap-up programs are a great tool for risk managers to contribute to a project’s success. Not only do they reduce expenses, but they also provide improved safety standards, and better coverage – making them the essential consideration for savvy owners and contractors. (more…)
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