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Navigating Professional Liability in the Construction Industry

By Business Insurance, From the Experts
In the evolving landscape of construction, contractors often find themselves providing professional advice, straddling the line between design and construction. This shift has led to an increased exposure to professional liability, necessitating a closer look at Contractor’s Professional Liability Insurance.   General liability insurance covers bodily injury or property damage resulting from negligence, but what about financial damages caused by negligent professional advice? That's where professional liability insurance comes in handy. (more…)
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Be Ready: Safeguard Your Business From Unexpected Disruptions

By Business Insurance
Business interruption is a time when a company is unable to operate because of a negative event, like a fire or flood.  These unexpected disruptions are one of the most worrisome business hazards in today's environment of rising unpredictability. These interruptions can be very expensive and even fatal to your organization if you don't plan carefully. Read on to find out how you (more…)
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