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Kapnick Insurance Announces New EB Producer, George Spanopoulos

By Employee Benefits, Kapnick News
Kapnick Insurance, a leading name in bespoke insurance solutions with a reputation for stellar customer service, is excited to welcome George Spanopoulos on board as a new client executive for employee benefits. With a rich background as a financial advisor, specializing in municipal pension systems, and experiences spanning commercial and retail lending to entrepreneurship, George has consistently demonstrated a profound dedication to financial planning and asset allocation for business leaders. Holding a finance degree from Wayne State University, George is a lifelong learner, always aiming to leverage his deep industry knowledge for client benefit. "I’m beyond excited to join the…
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Understanding PEOs and Their Role in Funding Employee Benefits

By Employee Benefits
Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) have emerged as a vital solution for businesses looking to streamline their employee benefits management. By partnering with a PEO, companies can effectively outsource the administration of employee benefits, payroll, workers' compensation, and other HR tasks. This co-employment model may allow businesses to offer a broader range of benefits, and possibly at a lower cost due to the PEO’s purchasing power. However, there are trade-offs that exist due the loss of some control. (more…)
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Protecting Your Investments Against the Sudden Threat of Water Damage

By Personal Insurance
In the ever-changing tides of the property market, one constant threat looms large for homeowners and business proprietors alike—a threat that remains largely underestimated: water damage. While the specter of burglary or fire may capture more headlines, the statistics reveal a startling reality: properties are six times more likely to suffer from water damage than from theft and seven times more than from fire. At Kapnick Insurance, we understand the severity of this issue and are committed to empowering our clients with knowledge and solutions to safeguard their investments. (more…)
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Protect Your Business’s Future with Trade Credit Insurance

By Business Insurance
In today's unpredictable market, safeguarding your business's financial health is essential. Trade credit insurance represents a pivotal shield, ensuring that your company remains robust against the sometimes-unpredictable tide of trading on credit. Here's why prioritizing this insurance is not just smart but could be imperative for your business’s longevity and prosperity. (more…)
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Elevating employee health: Kapnick Strive can help with preventive care

By Employee Benefits
In a time when our schedules rival rush-hour traffic, taking a moment for a well-visit might seem like a low priority. Yet, these check-ups hold the key to employee well-being and, can ultimately impact a company's success. How do we encourage employees to conquer these challenges and prioritize well-being? Enter Kapnick Strive. Kapnick Strive is a worksite well-being program that bridges the gap between good intentions and action. With robust communication campaigns, onsite screenings, and educational opportunities, Strive is designed to make preventive care top-of-mind for employees. By bringing these resources directly to the workplace, Strive eliminates barriers such as…
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Kapnick’s 2024 Kick Off

By Kapnick News
It was with great pleasure that Kapnick Insurance kicked off the year 2024 at MotorCity Casino, to get hyped up for a year already shaping up to be full of promise and progress. The day was filled with reflection, inspiration, and motivation. The Year Behind Us & Year Ahead The day began with our 2023 Year in Review video, which offered attendees an opportunity to look back on 2023 and all we accomplished and celebrated together. This was followed by an informative panel discussion with a few of our esteemed carrier partners, who provided valuable insights into the current market.…
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