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Hurricane Preparation & Recovery Services

By August 3, 2020August 19th, 2020Risk Solutions

Now is the time to review your disaster recovery plans and procedures for hurricanes and other natural disasters. At Kapnick, we have tools to help, including emergency plan worksheets, checklists, and more.

Storm’s brewing. Be prepared.

When disaster hits, many businesses find themselves under-prepared. With hurricanes looming and promising high winds, heavy rains, storm surges, and flooding, those along the East Coast and other affected areas need to prepare for potentially severe damage.

Even if you aren’t in the current storm’s path, now is the time to review your disaster recovery plans and procedures. We have tools to help, including emergency plan worksheets, checklists, and more below.

Hurricane Response & Recovery

Hurricanes present several potential causes of severe damage, from rain and flooding to high winds and flying objects. Some of these may persist after the storm has passed, so be familiar with precautions and hazards associated with recovery.

Before beginning work on your site in hurricane effected areas, be sure to:

  • Evaluate the side to identify any potential safety or health hazards
  • Plan and employ controls to mitigate potential safety or health hazards
  • Establish proper monitoring systems before beginning work on tasks that require exposure to hazardous materials (e.g. lead, asbestos) or conditions (e.g. gases, fumes, noise)

Safe Practices:

  • Establish an evacuation plan and notification system in case evacuation is required.
  • Check first aid supplies, and ensure services are readily accessible for employees.
  • Thoroughly wash hands with soap and clean water, alcohol-based sanitizers, or sanitizing wipes.
  • Do not consume food or water that’s been in contact with contaminated water or objects
  • Use sealable containers for trash or debris disposal

For more information on hurricane response and recovery, flood and wind emergency checklists, or a worksheet for creating an emergency action plan for your organization, please see our additional resources below.

Additional Resources:

Flood Emergency Checklist
If you don’t already have a Flood Emergency Response Plan in place, this checklist can help you prepare for potential flooding for potential flooding or recover once a flood has hit.

Wind Emergency Checklist
If you’re worried about wind damage, this checklist provides clear action steps you can take to protect your organization before, during, and after a windstorm.

Emergency Action Plan Worksheet
If your organization doesn’t have a clear, written emergency plan, use this simple worksheet to document steps and contact information of key personnel.