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The Transformative Impact of Claims Reviews with Kapnick Lens

By Employee Benefits
In the intricate maze of employee benefits management, claims reviews are essential. Far from being mere administrative tasks, these reviews serve as strategic tools that enable the seamless management of employee benefit programs. Benefits of Claims Reviews Some of the important benefits that claims reviews provide include: Set the stage for the creation of benchmarks and targets that resonate with both the organization and its employees. Allow for the development of custom benefit designs tailored to these benchmarks and targets. Identification of core administrative services, assessment of vendor performance, and cultivation of productive vendor relationships. Aid in the day-to-day administration…
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The Impact of Health Analytics on Diabetes – A Kapnick Case Study

By Case Studies, Employee Benefits
Did you know? 1 in 4 healthcare dollars are spent on people with diabetes 9.4% of the US population is diabetic Learn more about the impact diabetes can have on medical expenses for one Kapnick client, and how Kapnick helped save them over $1 million in potential claims costs, in this Kapnick Case Study: THE PROBLEM When an insurer dropped coverage (more…)
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