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Attract and Retain Top Legal Talent Through Employee Benefit Solutions

Supporting your attorneys and partners through their stress, high demands, and long hours is a considerable task. An effective way to help ease the life of your partners and employees in a law firm is to provide them with an excellent employee benefits package. At Kapnick, we recognize the importance of having a great employee benefits program in order to attract and retain top legal talent.

There are a number of resources that Kapnick utilizes to ensure the employee benefits program offered meets the needs of your partners, employees, and their family members while proving cost savings solutions. These include:

  • Kapnick Lens, our claims analytics tool, uses advanced data to provide a 360-degree view of your population. By integrating, validating, and analyzing your employee health data with Kapnick Lens, you can uncover any program correlations and/or underlying cost drivers.
  • Our Call Center is a concierge service which is staffed by highly trained employee advocates who are ready to answer employee questions about benefits, assist with claims concerns, and requests for help. Our Call Center can also assist with outbound calls to survey employees or assist with new hire orientation.
  • Kapnick Strive is a customizable, holistic corporate wellness program designed to help employers manage your healthcare costs by enhancing employee well-being. Services are provided directly with our internal wellness professionals, allowing the Strive team to quickly establish a program with year-round initiatives customized to your employee’s needs.
  • Kapnick HRemote is our suite of benefit administrative services including COBRA, FSA administration, fully automated employee benefits administration with employee self-service coverage selection through a web-based enrollment platform, online HR content and training, and more.
  • RxKap provides a discount pharmacy program to provide employees access to lower cost prescriptions while reducing the total number of claims, directly reducing benefit costs for employers.
  • Kapnick Compliance is an in-house task force that communicates simplified, timely legislative compliance information via seminars, emails, and one-on-one consultations to ensure you remain compliant.

At Kapnick, we provide top tier servicing to ensure timely, efficient, thorough assistance for your partners and employees while alleviating the stress from your firm’s leadership and HR teams. As experts in employee benefits design, we can provide you with enhanced programs, improved cost savings, and a more attractive way to recruit and retain top talent.

To learn more, reach out to our EB expert, Kathy Wood by email or connect with her on LinkedIn.