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Hurricane Preparation & Recovery Services

By Risk Solutions

Now is the time to review your disaster recovery plans and procedures for hurricanes and other natural disasters. At Kapnick, we have tools to help, including emergency plan worksheets, checklists, and more. Storm’s brewing. Be prepared. When disaster hits, many businesses find themselves under-prepared. With hurricanes looming and promising high winds, heavy rains, storm surges, and flooding, those along the East Coast and other affected areas need to prepare for potentially severe damage. Even if you aren’t in the current storm’s path, now is the time to review your disaster recovery plans and procedures. We have tools to help, including…

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No-Fault Reform Update: How Benefits Are Prioritized

By Auto Reform

Keeping up with the most current information surrounding the No-Fault Reform can be challenging. Today we will cover exactly how benefits are prioritized in this update. What is Changing? PIP – Personal Injury Protection (PIP) will be transitioning to tiered levels of coverage. Drivers will have the ability to choose from various tiers that best fit their individual needs. These offerings include:

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