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Using a Multi-Generational Work Force to Improve Business

Diversity is a key element that will help to attract and retain employees. People value inclusive organizations that make sure to support equal opportunity in addition to having a work force that is diverse in race, gender, sexual orientation, and even age.

An inclusive workplace with a variety of ages comes with a variety of benefits, including:

  • Varied perspectives and experience
  • Both mentors and mentees available
  • Reducing employee turnover

There are also challenges associated with having multiple different generations, that all have different wants and needs. The employees that are older and have been working for longer will care about their 401k and retirement plans, while younger employees are more likely to care about things like student debt payments and job security. There are also going to be employees who fall in the middle that will have other unique benefits needs.

In order to attract and retain a diverse field of employees of all ages, you must have benefits programs that are going to meet their unique needs and specific challenges. Kapnick can help.