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Mental Health in Non-Profits: The Unseen Priority

In the fast-paced, challenging world we live in, mental health has become an unavoidable conversation at workplaces. The COVID-19 pandemic has only amplified this crisis, touching lives across all sectors, including non-profit organizations.

Why Workplace Mental Health Matters


An Assurex Global benefits compliance webcast poll on April 21st revealed a growing concern among employers about mental health. Approximately 40% are launching educational campaigns on mental health, acknowledging its significance. Yet, mere education is not enough. We need comprehensive solutions that tackle the mental health crisis effectively.

Unique Hurdles for Non-profits


Non-profits grapple with unique challenges when addressing mental health. Tight budgets, heavy workloads, and the emotionally demanding nature of the work can heighten stress and anxiety among employees. Remote working conditions enforced by the pandemic can further isolate employees, worsening their mental wellbeing.



Kapnick Insurance: Your Ally in Mental Health


At Kapnick, we recognize these challenges and offer a holistic approach to employee benefits, with mental health as a priority.


Our programs align with your organization’s mission and values while supporting your employees’ mental wellbeing. We offer resources and tools that foster open conversations about mental health and provide professional help when necessary.



Addressing mental health is more than just another benefit – it’s about creating a supportive environment where employees feel valued and cared for. It’s about acknowledging that mental wellbeing is as vital as physical health. Above all, it’s about understanding that our employees are our greatest asset, and their mental health is key to fulfilling our mission.


Join us in making mental health a priority in your non-profit. Your mission deserves nothing less.


-Mike Harp