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Employee Engagement Across State Lines – A Kapnick Case Study

The following is a case study based on real Kapnick clients about the poor employee engagement and low benefits enrollment a client was experiencing.

A large property management group based in Michigan had full-time and part-time employees scattered throughout the US, primarily in Southern and Midwestern states. Because their employees were so spread out, they had poor employee engagement and low benefits enrollment.

70% of employees are not engaged

High engagement can lead to success, while low engagement can harm productivity

  • Companies with high employee engagement increased operating income by 19.2%, while companies with low engagement saw revenue drop by nearly 33% over the same 12-month period

Engagement linked to:

  • Decreased turnover rates
  • Retaining the best and brightest employees
  • Increased productivity, efficiency, and profits

Initially the organization had poor employee engagement because they were so spread out. Using our Assurex partners and their connections throughout the US, we were able to revamp how we communicated with employees, providing them with local meetings and other resources where they lived. We also provided videos explaining enrollment options, wellness platform tutorials, and how to navigate their benefits platforms.

Not only did we see satisfaction in the results of our after-meeting surveys, but we also saw increased participation in their benefits. Their 401(k) program enrollment,
for instance, doubled.

Best of all, when the Covid-19 pandemic caused major disruptions, we were able to quickly pivot from videos and in-person meetings to videos and virtual meetings, and have found that their engagement
has remained consistently high.