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Protect Your Individual Assets with Private Client Insurance

The cannabis industry is still rapidly developing. With the potential for serious financial rewards on the horizon for innovative investors, there are also serious risks. Read on to learn how you can protect your individual assets.

In addition to working with organizations to support their business insurance and employee benefit programs, Kapnick also has in-house experts who can assist successful individuals with personalized risk management strategies and comprehensive insurance solutions specially designed to help you protect your individual assets and all that you have worked so hard to achieve.

At Kapnick, we offer our private clients personalized risk management solutions that are as unique as their lifestyles. Coverage solutions that reduce your personal exposures can include:

• All-risk Homeowners Insurance coverage, including guaranteed replacement costs for home and contents
• Private collection coverage
• Aviation and watercraft coverage
• Worldwide liability coverage
• High liability limits
• Risk management services
Individual D&O programs

At Kapnick we understand the cannabis industry and are specialized in helping successful individuals like you protect their assets and ensure that their personal risk management program integrates and complements their overall financial plan.