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Introducing the New Vice Presidents and Senior Vice Presidents at Kapnick

Leadership is not merely a title at Kapnick—it is a commitment to serve, guide and envision the future for our clients, our teams and our firm. We believe that strong leadership is pivotal in navigating through the constantly evolving world of insurance and risk management.

Our recent Vice President and Senior Vice President additions are a testament to this belief. Each individual brings a distinct set of skills, experiences and a shared passion for our firm’s mission and our clients’ success.

Introducing Our Newest Leaders

Let’s shine a spotlight on the individuals who have stepped into these pivotal roles, ready to make a difference. Their unique expertise, combined with a thorough understanding of both the industry and the needs of our clients, promise to bring fresh insights and strategic direction.

This is a moment to celebrate not only their achievements but also the journey that brought them to Kapnick. We are proud to announce their new positions and are excited to see the impact they will make.

We would like to extend a sincere welcome to our new Vice Presidents—Jennifer Williams, Luke LoVasco, and Kaity Kapnick—and to our new Senior Vice Presidents—Vanessa Gomez, Andrew Kapnick, and Jenni Gianotto. Their wealth of experience and their personal dedication to the values we hold dear will undoubtedly enrich the Kapnick community.

New Vice Presidents

New Senior Vice Presidents

These additions to our leadership team represent more than just appointments; they signify a new phase of growth and evolution at Kapnick. We look forward to the energy and innovative thinking they will infuse into our company.

The Promise of Tomorrow

At Kapnick, our strength lies in a future-focused mindset, guided by leaders who are just as dedicated to your success as they are to Kapnick’s legacy. Trust us to continue delivering unparalleled expertise and exceeding your expectations. Together, we are embarking on a journey towards a thriving and secure future.