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Elevating employee health: Kapnick Strive can help with preventive care

In a time when our schedules rival rush-hour traffic, taking a moment for a well-visit might seem like a low priority. Yet, these check-ups hold the key to employee well-being and, can ultimately impact a company’s success. How do we encourage employees to conquer these challenges and prioritize well-being?

Enter Kapnick Strive.

Kapnick Strive is a worksite well-being program that bridges the gap between good intentions and action. With robust communication campaigns, onsite screenings, and educational opportunities, Strive is designed to make preventive care top-of-mind for employees. By bringing these resources directly to the workplace, Strive eliminates barriers such as time constraints and accessibility concerns.

Read on to learn more about why well-visits are vital, why employees commonly skip, and how Kapnick can help.


The benefits of preventive care to employers are both tangible and far-reaching. When employees engage in regular well-being visits, it initiates a positive ripple effect throughout the organization. As early detection and management of health issues help maintain the overall health of the workforce, employers experience:

  • reduced absenteeism
  • reduced presenteeism
  • increased productivity
  • increased morale

Moreover, investing in preventive measures reflects an employer’s dedication to their team’s well-being, which enhances company culture and boosts retention rates.


A recent survey of working adults in the U.S. (ages 18-65 in 2023) reveals why your team might be missing vital health check-ups. The most common issues include:

  • time constraints
  • lack of insurance
  • good health


With Kapnick Strive, we don’t just recognize the importance of well-visits; we actively facilitate their integration into the daily lives of employees. Our program represents more than a set of initiatives; it’s a comprehensive ecosystem designed to promote a culture of health and wellness within organizations.

We do this through:

Accessible, Efficient Medical Care

At Kapnick Strive, we prefer to organize biometric screenings on-site, minimizing workday interruptions. This proactive method not only enhances convenience for participants but also cultivates a direct, favorable bond between employees and healthcare professionals. By delivering these services at the workplace, we simplify the medical consultation process, rendering it more accessible and efficient.

Comprehensive Health Education and Wellness Initiatives

Knowledge is the key to empowerment. Kapnick Strive offers a range of educational programs aimed at providing employees with the information they need to take control of their health. From seminars on nutrition and stress management to workshops on the importance of preventive care, our objective is to alleviate fears and misconceptions around health issues.

This comprehensive education ensures that employees are well-informed about the benefits of early detection and equipped with the tools they need to lead healthier lives.

Managing Risks in Employee Populations

By emphasizing early detection through regular screenings and education, Kapnick plays a pivotal role in mitigating health risks within employee populations. Early detection of chronic conditions not only leads to better health outcomes for the individual but also significantly reduces the potential financial impact on both the employee and the organization.

Employee Rewards Program

To further incentivize the adoption of healthy behaviors, Kapnick Strive works with organization leaders to establish an effective employee rewards program. Recognizing and rewarding employees for attending well-visits and participating in wellness activities demonstrates an organization’s commitment to their well-being. This not only motivates individuals to prioritize their health but also fosters a positive workplace environment where preventive care is valued and encouraged.

A Partnership for the Future

Implementing Kapnick Strive is more than a strategy; it’s an investment in the future of your organization. By prioritizing the health of your workforce, you’re not just enhancing productivity and morale; you’re building a resilient, engaged, and thriving community.


In conclusion, the Strive program from Kapnick Insurance provides a robust, customer-oriented solution to the common barriers that prevent well-visit utilization. Through incentivized physician engagement, comprehensive health education, risk management and an employee rewards program, Strive empowers organizations to adopt a proactive approach towards employee health. Join us in our mission to transform workplace wellness, and together, we can stride confidently towards a healthier future for all.

To learn how your organization can benefit from Kapnick Strive, connect with us today and take the first step towards a proactive approach to employee well-being.