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Protecting Your Investments Against the Sudden Threat of Water Damage

In the ever-changing tides of the property market, one constant threat looms large for homeowners and business proprietors alike—a threat that remains largely underestimated: water damage.

While the specter of burglary or fire may capture more headlines, the statistics reveal a startling reality: properties are six times more likely to suffer from water damage than from theft and seven times more than from fire. At Kapnick Insurance, we understand the severity of this issue and are committed to empowering our clients with knowledge and solutions to safeguard their investments.

Water damage, often a silent infiltrator, can wreak havoc on buildings, seeping into the foundation, damaging walls and destroying cherished possessions. The repair costs can be astronomical, not to mention the irreversible sentimental losses.

Yet, such devastation can be mitigated, or entirely prevented, with vigilant and proactive measures.


At the forefront of property protection is the integration of cutting-edge water mitigation technology. These advanced solutions include water shutoff devices that not only detect anomalous water flow— signaling potential leaks—but also have the capability to automatically cut off the water supply, thereby averting potential disasters. Moreover, these devices keep property owners informed through smart technology integrations that alert them of issues via mobile applications.


To demystify the process for our clients, we’ve simplified the path to enhanced water safety into achievable steps:

  1. Connect with a skilled, certified plumber who can guide the purchase and installation of these devices.
  2. Determine the appropriate device for your plumbing system with the plumber’s expertise.
  3. Schedule the installation. Plumbers’ services are often in high demand.
  4. Perform a thorough post-installation test, ensuring the system’s reliability and the responsiveness of any associated apps.

In addition to water shutoff devices, the implementation of water sensors serves as a supplementary line of defense. These sensors diligently monitor susceptible areas of a property around the clock, providing immediate notifications at the first hint of a leak, and allowing for rapid response.


Installing a water shutoff device is crucial for properties valued at $1 million or more. However, we recommend taking such precautions for all properties. While a water sensor may not be required in every case, its ability to prevent damage and save resources highlights its value.


We encourage you to take this essential step towards fortifying your property.

For further details or to schedule a consultation about the best policies and protections for your home or business, please reach out. Be proactive in your fight against water damage—because it’s not just a policy, it’s protecting what you value most.