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Prescription Savings Through New Offering RxKap

In light of increasing pharmacy costs, Kapnick is offering a new value added program to our Benefits services—RxKap. RxKap is a free prescription drug savings program that offers everyone, those with health insurance and without, significantly lower cash prices for much needed prescriptions.

RxKap provides prescription savings via an employee discount card. With this card, employees haveaccess to lower cost prescriptions while reducing the total number of claims, directly reducing benefit costs for employers.

How does it work?

An employee who uses a discount card gains access to a Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM). PBM’s negotiate directly with drug manufacturers or wholesalers for quantity discounts. A portion of rebates or network discounts are then passed on to card users directly at the point of sale. Card users therefore avoid paying a retail pharmacy’s far higher retail cash price for their prescriptions.

How does it help an employer?

For self-insured and experience rated employer groups, employees using discount cards and paying for prescriptions directly is particularly appealing because the organization reduces the total number of claims, ultimately reducing their benefit costs.

Providing access to a discount card easily creates an employee perk with no cost to the employer and offers savings opportunities for all parties. It’s a win-win.

How do I sign up?

For more information about RxKap and how to download the app and start saving, CLICK HERE, or reach out to talk to your Kapnick representative and see how we can help. If you do not currently have a Kapnick representative, you can reach out to us at or 888.263.4656.