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DEI: Supporting Women In The Workplace During Women’s History Month & Beyond

March is women’s history month, which was established as a time to commemorate and encourage the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American history. Now is a great time to explore ways to support and advance women in the workplace, and is the perfect opportunity to start investing in initiatives that support women in the workplace. With the right tools, companies can begin to bridge the gender gap and create strong foundations for success, both for the women in their workplace and their overall organization. By doing so, they will be able to attract and retain top talent in their organization while also helping to create a more equitable environment for all.

5 Ways Your Organization Can Better Support The Women In Your Workplace

1. Implement Flexible Policies

Flexible working allows employees to structure their hours around other commitments like care-giving responsibilities, which can reduce the gender pay gap by allowing women to care for their families while still working instead of having to choose between their careers and family responsibilities.

2. Offer Mentorship

Empowering women with mentors can help reduce the gender gap in leadership roles. Organizations must provide female employees with access to executive education, coaching sessions, and other development opportunities in order to provide them with the skills necessary for success in senior-level positions.

3. Provide Advancement

Companies must create career paths for female employees that are tailored to their unique skills and interests. This includes planning ahead for potential promotions, offering training and development opportunities, providing access to mentors and sponsors, and creating a culture of open communication between managers and employees.

4. Increase Diversity

A diverse workforce is essential for fostering an environment of inclusivity and respect. Companies should strive to make their workplace more diverse by seeking out a wide range of candidates, investing in unconscious bias training, and creating an environment where everyone feels welcome regardless of gender or background.

5. Promote Pay Equality

Despite progress made in recent years, there is still a large gender wage gap. To ensure that everyone is paid equally for their work, regardless of gender or other factors, companies can conduct pay audits, eliminate hiring policies that rely on salary history, and ensure that women are offered the same advancement opportunities as men.

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